Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Shielo, Me, Mahin and Gogi

This is one, if not the only photo I have of my college bffs where all four of us were present. Thanks to Mahin’s hubby Wilmore, for the rare shot and for the memento I hold so dearly til now.

These girls were like my sisters; odd sisters I must say. We became friends not because we share same interests nor follow the same tenets in life. In fact, we are so different in many ways that most often, we ended up biting each other’s tail. Yes, it’s common for us to head-but one after the other, refute one’s opinion and take side with another. But no matter how oddly unique we are as individuals, we stick together and consider this gang of four not-so-ordinary females, each other’s friend.

We’ve been friends for eleven years now and though we led separate lives making a living in separate places, I know the tie that binds our friendship together cannot be separated neither by time nor distance.

Me and Shielo
Mahin and Gogi with the (Telly)hubbies

Just this morning, I got the time to browse my friend’s albums. Well, they looked genuinely happy in their photos. And I am as equally happy for them for the kind of life they are making with their own families. They looked a bit older though (and I hope they don’t mind me saying this) but prettier, nonetheless.

To my four bffs (including my high school bestfriend Julieta), Shielo, Alma and Gogi, I wish you good health and genuine happiness. I miss you guys! Love lots!

PS. Say hi to my alter ego, Julieta!

Yes, she’s one of the dearest friends I have. And no, I’m not sure what exactly she was doing here. You guess! ;p

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Friendship That Transcends Time: My High School Years (Part 1)

For the first time in probably ten years, I had a healthy chit- chat with my long- lost friend and with my High school best friend.

High school life for me was the most enjoyable moment of my school life- too many unforgettable moments to cherish and likewise lessons learned along the way. It was kind of nostalgic to see the long- lost faces of my beloved friends. And as the  conversation went on, more and more good old memories being uncovered and laughed at once again. How could we ever forget the “bobot” thing? And who else would have the nerve to say those remarks other than the one who for most times facilitated the childish upheaval we had against some of our incompetent instructors? We had been booted not just once or twice but for several times as a consequence of the misdemeanor we had done; something which should not be imitated by anyone. Yet in spite of fearing being reprimanded or worst being kicked out of school, we held on as one section, one group of young people, one circle of friends who stood up for our convictions.

I don’t know why somehow we had a secret covenant about not exposing the identities of our bold classmates, though we never talked about it seriously to keep our mouth shut. For four years until our last year in High school, the unity we had never seemed to weaken.

I remember when we were in our senior years, our adviser Mrs. Laguna  had to gather us, the top ten of the graduating class for a particular meeting. Personally I thought at first the reason why the meeting was conducted was to announce the final top graduating students for the school year. But I was amazed when our adviser started talking about raging a competition against each other. I bet it was kind of difficult for her to establish the real honorees since we always helped and managed to help each other even with our projects and assignments. A sense of unity and oneness that instead of making a positive impact on our achievement as students, had baffled the minds of our dear instructors.

High school life was bittersweet. There were up and so were the down moments. The tide of life- ebb and web, troughs and crests, time of joy and merry- making, and moments of silence and sorrow. We certainly were a headache to most of our teachers, presumed to be the cause of trouble and shame. Yet, with all the bad comments we got from our other teachers, one woman stood for us and embraced us beyond our imperfections, Mrs. Lucila Narvios- our second year adviser from San Fernando, Cebu.

While everyone throws harsh sentiments and defamatory statements at us which never helped us grow as young individuals, someone managed to understand us as one united group of multi- personality people. And I am just so blessed to be a part of this group whom Mrs. Narvios loved and helped to nourish. Perhaps we did need to change a lot of things to become better citizens of this generation, but our instructors could have done it in a more humane and moral- uplifting manner.

After fourteen years, seeing where and what my former classmates have become now, how we grew as individuals though apart, I could feel nothing other than be proud. Some have accomplished great, others averagely probably just like me. But I believed deep inside we take with us the lessons we learned from those remarkable years of co- existing with the same kind of humor and fun; of adventure and struggle; same breed of young dreamers whose tie have transcended time, and even space…