I Am Basangsisiw

Basangsisiw is a Filipino idiomatic expression that translates to wet chick in English—basa (wet) and sisiw (chick). This expression denotes being dejected or abandoned, someone who is left to fend for herself or who is in a pitiful and helpless situation—a very common human experience, I suppose

This to me, defines my transition and growth as I journey along in life.


My name is Maricel and welcome to my blog! I’m a 30++ year old introverted Industrial engineer from the Philippines who loves to chronicle her life experience, dreams, ideas and all things that come in between.


I love to write and read people’s ideas. I have a passion in aerospace, architecture, interior design, photography and lately, learning foreign languages! I have always dreamt of getting into NASA to become the first Filipina astronaut. I was devastated when I got rejected for the Axe Apollo Space Academy in 2013. That was sadly, my only hope. I still aspire of becoming an astronaut up to this day, that is why I am finding ways to let Elon Musk know I am willing to volunteer for an experimental Mars mission in the future. Hey, don’t laugh! I am not kidding! 😀

Apart from my job, I keep myself busy with other boring stuff: I am continuously improving my garden, doing macro shots, making DIY projects at home if I’m not writing, reading, studying, doing paper works, stargazing with my naked eye, babbling on a foreign language, praying for rain, changing my nephew’s diapers or sleeping (with emphasis on the last).

I am a vicious eater but to my dismay, I never gained weight. So, I resort into doing yoga at home and sadly I almost broke my back when I did the downward dog… I stopped, but only for some time.

Since I am a pluviophile, expect me to be happiest when it is raining. My perfect date is cuddling with my book and with my coffee in bed on a rainy day. I love rain but I love the sun and the beach, as well. I love the ocean but since I do not know how to swim, most of the time, I only have to be content with watching the waves from the shore or blankly staring at the endless horizon while I’m there.

I’m a hopeful (not hopeless) romantic who is still waiting for his Superman. 🙂

Wanderlust is driving me to want to quit my job right away and drift with the wind with the dandelions someplace. If I get to choose a superhuman ability, I’d choose the ability to fly so I could travel the world and find that place, yes that place. I have weird feelings of belongingness to the past. Perhaps I was a cockroach in my past life living in the slums of medieval France…That’s a possibility, I know.


I have a melancholic-phlegmatic temperament so that’s enough to let you know that I am pretty doleful most of the times and let’s equate that into simple terms—I am boring. That’s why as you will read here, I write about pretty boring things and stuff about my life.

I love Science but I don’t let that get in the way of my faith. The universe still holds so many mysteries that has eternally baffled and perplexed scientists and scholars til now. So I’ll leave the perplexities as it is.

Well, basically, I am a lover of learning and I’ll do what I can to learn new things every day.

This blog is an online journal of my life.  To expect and assume that my work would truly inspire you is an insult. But regardless of my incompetence, it is my wish that you my readers, will stay with me as I journey along. Perchance, out of my personal quests, somehow an experience, a thought, a dream or an idea will move you to do positive things for yourself and the world we live. I too, I am trying day by day. I failed many times, but good that I was born stubborn. 🙂

Salamat sa pagbisita (thanks for visiting) and spread some love, will ya? Hugs and kisses. 😀