For the Love of Getting Lost

by Maricel


“Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost.”


So now that it is official, I do not exactly know whether to feel disappointed or be excited for the coming trip. Although I knew, I have to be thankful.

As with our Palawan trip last summer, this year’s team building effort will bring the team to Hongkong in a 4-day expense paid trip come August of this year. Some of the choices during the deliberation were Myanmar (our Norwegian boss’ country of residence), Japan, South Korea… and a chance to go back to Palawan. When we were asked where we want to go, without batting an eyelash, I said Palawan. Sadly, everyone voted some place else.

Well, what one voice can do against nine? Not that much I must say. But if given the chance, I would vie for another ticket to explore the remaining gems of Palawan instead of going somewhere else. There are just places in the universe where you feel a sense of strange belongingness. And I felt that when I step my feet in El Nido.

Hongkong is nice and grand but unfortunately, too crowded for my burnout self. What I need is to get lost in the mystical earth, not among throngs of people and towering skyscrapers or bustling city lights.

You see I am a person who rather spend time watching sunrise and sunsets in a quiet place. I am moved by nature than I am with tall superficial structures. I have very low tolerance for noise and I have no sense of direction. I struggle everytime I have to find a place and have to wrestle my way out of hundreds of people.

I needed a break and I know I need to do it some place.

I don’t know much about Hongkong except that I’d be expecting to see many friendly Hebes, confused Peggys, kind Matts and possibly some short-tempered Ryans. These people are my allies when it comes to our import requirements. And they are all Chinese. Despite the growing strife between the Philippines and China because of territorial claims, I have always thought of them as my virtual friends—though we are not personally acquainted, and no matter the times we had argued and refuted about something, I feel a pull of strange connectivity to these people that I cannot fully understand.

Then again, since the trip is free, I relented to my colleague’s call to go with them. It would be fun I believe since I am with a good mix of people. It should be fun because if the initial schedule will be pushed, I’ll probably have to do whatever I can to enjoy my birthday there.

Hongkong, being the land of too much opportunity will certainly not be bad to explore. I’d possibly would have enough opportunity to get lost. Perhaps, there are mountains or oceans in Hongkong where I could spend my much needed meh time, right? Lol. What am I thinking?

Anyway, let me end this post with this inspirational video. Please check it out.