Perpetual Battles and Free Spirits

It is in moments like this that I realize how amazing the world can become any minute. The world transforms from one form to the other in a blink of the eye and we are dragged on to remember and relive each passing moment with grateful hearts for every opportunity that makes us more in tune with the clamor of our own craving souls… I am rather a free spirit enclosed in a shell. And today, my heart is anywhere but here.

The horizon has become too captivating to not desire ever or be tempted to escape. Again, the battle for freedom ensues with seemingly no end. Freedom, what do I know about you other than how I already lived at present? Why crave and fight when I already have you? But whilst the sun rises and sets where it should be, I shall bask at the glory of every magical moment I witness, still not putting to rest the need to drift with the dandelion somewhere. I have yet to embark on that lifelong mission, but where the wind blows, know that my heart and soul is there…

I could only break into heaven’s door with this shout-out—say Geronimo! And I shall never look back again.

Image credit: WFDI
Image credit: WFDI | Model: Angeline

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