A Little Unwell

” An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if the doctor is cute, forget about the fruit.”

The loud tune of the phone’s alarm left both the mind and the aching body in mess. The feeling that tied you to trying your might to get up and take shower in haste because you don’t want to be late on your first day of work after the long holiday, you don’t want to counter an argument with that truth as it would be total rubbish. You know a lot of things has to be done in the office. The boss has all the emails to prove that while the big boss awaits your urgent replies. Yes urgent, despite that seven-hour time difference we have. Argument won’t do you any good, so you crawl yourself up your bed and proceeded to the shower. Then a loud thud, banging from within is again making you cringe in pain. The stomach is in knots.

You did nothing other than sleep the days away. After the burnout that engulfed you for a month or so, sleep was all there is to wish for in the world. For someone who only were able to have a five-hour sleep every night during working days—that’s not surprising—that five-hour sleep that equates to your bloody resting hours every day, with no naps in between; lucky if you can steal some thirty-minute catnap on the bus. That was how exhaustion has built up. That was why you dreamt of sleeping every now and then to regain your lost inertia.

The thing is, your holiday bed-sieging adventure was sadly the result of the mega headache and a two-day bout of diarrhea which started Thursday. And today, it haunt you once again, hence, with an awful price to pay.

As I reminisce how I left the table in the office last Wednesday afternoon, the numerous emails that need to be addressed, the inventory taking place any moment from now, the reports the boss has asked since last week after we lost our internet connection, the imports pending at the port and those arriving in a couple of days or so, the customs requirements I need to settle before the week comes to its end again, the current and forecasted material and importation plan in the coming months which I need to devise now to incorporate with the financial plan of the organization, and a lot of other things in mind, well, I’ll deal with you when I am officially back. Forgive me though if I am being selfish today.

It’s time to see the doc, in a while.


2 thoughts on “A Little Unwell

  1. Like the quote above says ~ I hope your doctor is cute ~

    Take care of yourself, sleep early if you can and drink lots of fluids (I am sounding just like my mom…).


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