The Epiphany

Some things are predominantly bound to happen, either by mere coincidence or by some sort of, fate? Okay, I’ll bet on the first.

Overheard this song being played on the bus tonight… As always, “With a smile” brings in a positive view of things. Being a fan of the original E-heads (Eraserheads) before the band disbanded, I firmly believe this and a lot other masterpieces are a legacy of the OPM. I was in high school then when the band’s success became phenomenal and I could still remember how “Ang Huling Il Bimbo” toppled down international hits in the local music charts for several months: a sign of a booming OPM industry in the 90s’.

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The Eraserheads is a legend. No true-blue Pinoy would ever doubt that. They are the Beatles of Philippine Music. However, like everything else, music is continuously changing its course overtime. While it’s good to hear the familiar sounds we often indulge in for so many years, the chance of having to listen to new and upcoming artists who give new themes and colors to these classics is also worth the try… This cover in particular.

Lift your head, baby don’t be scared
of the things that could go wrong along the way.
You’ll get by ‘with a smile’.
You can’t win at everything but you can try.


The truth is, I won’t be blogging about this song for no reason. I love the artists who wrote, sung and partook in the creation of this piece but regardless, I just love this song, even the lyrics alone, without the melody. This song hits so close to home.

At a time when I am in want of something that reminds me how to take care of my current circumstance, this song came out of nowhere. It’s not unusual, I suppose. But when I opened my computer and got notified of a +1d on a previous post and discovering what that post was about? Well, what else to say? This song was clearly meant for someone… at least for today.

So cheer up, you Grinch!


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