The Plight of the Summer Grinch

When I skipped the two-day rest day last week, I knew something is already brewing up that I must address sooner. The exhaustion of the past week has reached its pinnacle and I was no less than a weakling unable to perform even the small chores at home.

The heat of the summer sun has started to manifest its loathsome glory for several weeks now. Summer has indeed began, to the delight of many beach bummers and summer enthusiasts. Even when you’re under shade, the humidity of the March breeze is unbearable and unhealthy. So while others take pleasure in the burning summer heat, I slump at a corner like grinch waiting and wishing for rain. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love summer but this kind of extreme weather makes me realize how I love the rainy days even more. I do wish for rain to come. The thought of summer rain, of the sound of raindrops dancing on the roof and pelting my own hoodie, to a pluviophile will always be a source of wonder and delight.

Inspite of my occasional hypothermia attack, it does not bother me if I have to fight the cold because of rain. Every night as I head home from work, I’d looked up at the dark canopy of the night sky and try to find if I could get a shooting star grant my fervent wish for rain. Crazy how I do that every night. Well unfortunately, no one seems to hear me.

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The scorching heat of summer adds up to the week-long stress that took its toll on me which started last Friday. Skipping rest days in an effort to beat deadlines is no way helping me get the result I needed. The more I drag myself into exerting more than what my body is only capable of doing, the more I put my work at a higher probability of being undone whilst putting my health at risk.

It’s been two days since that Friday mega headache. Other than an hour or two tilling my little garden at home and washing some clothes, I did nothing but sleep the day away. I should be okay by now. Normally, I should have been okay by this time. But to my dismay, I still feel I am far from recovering my lost energy. The momentum had collapsed and still I could feel my back and my whole body ache. Yes, I am in a run-down. Catching up on sleep has done little to make me feel better… I know this is insane.

All I want at this time is to go back to sleep and wish the moment I wake up the following morning, I am able to feel a renewed spirit ready to face the new set of days that awaits me in the office. That despite not being able to glance at the sight of rainshowers drowning the burning sidewalk, I would still have that spirit within me that reminds me always that everything, even the weather and the struggles I have, are all temporary. I wish to find that inspiration again as I face the new morn just a few hours from now.

I wish it would rain tonight.


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