Work Hard, Play Harder

My idea of a perfect weekend is very simple— a quiet meh time on a rainy and lazy Saturday alone, if not with the noisy and messy siblings, nephews and niece in this tiny nestling place that is called my room.

So yesterday was like any Saturday I had. I woke up before Mr. Sun pepped out of the horizon. This was despite my effort to steal some more minutes before I could officially declare I am now ready to face the day. The body clock has gotten used to wake me at these hours for more than a couple of years already. It’s a significant aid if it happens on weekdays but an entirely different thing on weekends. Knowing me, I dread getting out of bed early on the days I consider sacred. Of course, who wouldn’t want to re-energize your body after a week-long battle with stress and exhaustion? Recharging my body’s energy is a must, else I suffer the consequence.

But since I was already awake, I made use of what I can do at early mornings. Still groggy, I peeked outside. The garden does not look so alive like it used to. At this early hour, I figured out what better way to welcome the day than show some love to my dying garden. I got out, watered the plants. Did a little digging, singing and trimming on my now fully-grown snowball. An hour later, I was back in the room checking emails. After what happened at work that week, I desperately needed to do anything to help get that money back, after how our foreign longtime partner in business screwed us that cost the company millions, I think I should do whatever help I could extend. Surprisingly, no new mails was received.

Opened up sound cloud and was humming and swaying to “Work Hard, Play Hard” by David Guetta while getting rid of some stuffs in my room. Halfway through, I heard a baby’s voice calling me from behind. I saw Francois, my three-year old nephew smiling from ear to ear, Jorge, the younger brother and my Kuya (older brother) and his wife. I knew right then that nothing productive would result from here on. Minutes later, came my younger brother and his wife, who lives just meters away, with our only baby girl, Alexis and my oldest nephew, Xian. 10904073_876237905754998_8244833509827577988_o


They all settled in this 90 sq.ft. dwelling of mine. How we do that? Like sardines. It’s what we do when everyone is around—sneak into this little mecca akin to a hobbit’s and spend the day talking, eating, chatting like we’ve never seen each other in a long time. I guess we just miss being around with each other.

After my brothers got married, I was left alone with mother and father at home. As much as I like silence most of the times, a part of me will always wish no one has to leave home to start a family somewhere. I grew up with only the two brothers around me so it was a blow when they started drifting away from my life whilst the chance of seeing them becomes occasional. It’s sadder now that I needed to schedule a weekend every month just to spend a day with the nephews who live farthest from us, while the other begs me not to. I am torn between nephews. I love how these angels seem to compete to get my attention but it’s emotionally draining how I always have to explain to them why auntie can’t be with them all the time. To a competing seven and three year old, making both understand your point, is harder than explaining to my boss why we weren’t able to detect we were already in big trouble.

Francois and Xian
Francois and Xian

So as I earlier prophesied, my Saturday went on with me doing nothing exceptional— besides taking care of nephews, bathing them, changing diapers, preparing milk, and answering perennial questions that did not seem to have had any answer in the first place.

It was an exhausting day.

The visiting brother left home past six in the evening. Despite how physically burnt I was that day, I wished they could still spend some more time before leaving for their new home. A couple of years ago, this place was what they refer to as home but now, it refers to another. 10937727_824724827566537_1982943162_n My heart ached when Franz bid goodbye and said “I love you so much”. I kissed his and Jorge’s forehead and cheeks before proceeding to go away. I smiled at the thought of my growing nephews and niece, again.


Yesterday was like any Saturday, until a good thing happened and changed it.

And tonight, before I could even hit the publish button so I could retire to my bed early, Xian rushed into my room and insisted that we play Scrabble. I said no. Okay, I wish I could say no.

He was happy he won. I mean, we won, as I played on his behalf. I told him he has to work hard to win because I won’t be playing for him anymore. Next time, he has to do it on his own.

Another thirty minutes of my life spent doing nothing but making one nephew happy.

And because tomorrow is first day of work, I know I am doomed. Well okay, there’s always coffee when you need it.


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