Much Ado About Nothing

For two years, I kept them in a separate folder, read them from time to time—when I’m sad but more so  when I feel good.


The holiday has been a great help. It made me do things which I wouldn’t be able to do during working days—spend enough time with the family, especially with the nephews; update my blog; work on a project in the house and get rid of thousands of unwanted emails in my inbox.

The fulfillment was overwhelming until I was reminded of those two-year old emails I’ve kept in that personal folder. So I thought, perhaps, those too need some fix. I was planning on moving it into a more organized space, when…voila! So out of disbelief, I tried to open eeevvery single folder in my inbox to see where those emails went, until reality struck. Everything in that inbox was emptied, no trace of even one remained. It would have not resulted in more panic had I known that the trash bin was spared. Or I could only dream.

Unfortunately, everything in it, is now just a piece of memory to reminisce. Because of an honest mistake out of carelessness, I found out that the best way to counteract fear is to face it head on, until it leaves you with  no choice.

Perhaps, from now on, I should start keeping important emails in the trash bin instead of keeping them in designated folders. So all the choices will be reduced from the ‘many’ to only two—’ok’ or ‘cancel’.


Less the hassle.

Keeping mementos of any sort shows how emotionally-attached a person is to certain memories of people and situations. I restrict one part of my closet from people to disclose on that same ground.

But what happened yesterday made me think: perhaps, my closet too, is in dire need of some fix.

When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave.”
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing


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