The Rise and Fall of an Occasional Blogger

Perhaps some may have noticed that apart from the one I posted about an hour ago, this is going to be the first post I will be doing in almost two years that I was away from WordPress, but not entirely in the blogosphere.

Two years of isolation from the very first blog I used to love and maintain, but failed to keep. The blog I dreamed of keeping and will be working while I still have the passion to write, regardless of whether I was read upon by others or not.

Basangsisiw was my first baby blog. I used to have a lot of plans for it until such time I surprisingly lost the interest of keeping it updated and relevant. Like any writers (though I do not consider myself one), I also went through periods wherein I got tossed around in the never-ending cycles of getting up, wanting to write something but could not think of anything sensible to share to the readers. I got drowned in my self-imposed goal to write regularly and as often as possible, even if I was already in the pit of choking myself for writing things I don’t like talking, writing and sharing about. The countless drafts said it all how many times I reckoned with the want to keep my blog alive instead of wanting to give it life. The drafts that never got the chance to be published; the thoughts that most probably will end up in the trash bin. Lost thoughts. Wasted time. Hidden scribbles of things, people and moments I decided not to disclose here… and perhaps may never be known ever.

Whether you’re a seasoned writer or an amateur one, maintaining the momentum to keep your blog as alive and working as possible is a great task. Furthermore, keeping your reader’s interest is an utmost responsibility for every writer, not to mention an exhausting war one must wage against and win over. If you get lucky, you’ll increase readership. If not, you’ll face the winter season of blogging and most probably, like me, would acquiesced and raised the white flag to commence defeat. Yeah, to be honest, I had given up this blog years ago. I did fight, once. Then I decided it was time to let it go completely. But perhaps, not that completely after all. I am glad I was born hardheaded. If I wasn’t, you certainly would not hear from me or read my senseless thoughts once again.

So here, welcome back, my baby blog! We shall rise and fall like the crest and trough of a wave but we will never completely disappear. We’ll keep coming back. Again. And again.


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