From Edwin’s words himself, there’s a first time for everything. And I owe the man my first (cameo appearance) “mention” in a blog. Hehe! Thanks AwkwardList! 🙂


How do you greet people?

I high-five, smile, wave, hug, shake hands, bump fists, secret handshake, kiss, dance, or I just don’t greet and move on straight to the first topic of conversation.

How do you say goodbye?

For some, it goes along with them. How they greet or how they say bye is a bit like their Catch Phrase, or catch “action” like basangsisiw mentioned. I say bye differently to many people. Some I hug, some I do the little hand gun gesture to, and to others I high five.

But what do you do when you haven’t established such a gesture with someone before?

As you may obviously not know, unless you follow me on Twitter, I try to go to the Downtown LA Art Walk every month. If you’re around, you should definitely go next time! Anyway, I was there with a few friends last…

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