Why My Choice of Music Suggests I Am Older Than My Age

Music, as the Filipino that I am and for the hopeless romantic that I’ve been, makes more than just tickle my heart or uplift my rotten spirit. It brings home memories that sometimes I would not remember otherwise. Either precious ones or seemingly good-for-nothing memoirs of my fleeting life, music encapsulates me to that fateful time of which I am bound to give due respect and consideration. The songs and all the memories it conceals, serve not just a temporary vessel of those certain points which I tried to keep just to myself but a worthy remembrance of the days gone by–from childhood, to teenage and now my adult years.

Aside from prayer and meditation, listening to music is my primary resort to get rid of my sullen days. Yet instead of choosing light upbeat songs to kick the blues away, I opt for the gloomy, melancholic kind that either help me get through the feelings successfully or worsen the tone of my clear predicament. Either way, it is just great to let myself drift to whichever realm the songs would lead me to, but most of the times I ended up walking down memory lane with each particular song being played. When I say a song is a personal favorite, it certainly means more to me than just the ordinary reasons of liking something. One song corresponds to a point, a stage, a moment in my life which I consider precious and significant to my growth.

I was born two decades after the baby boomer era (Post WWII baby boom) come to its end but with the choice of music that I’ve enjoyed listening, it seems that I had apparently been born even before it, which left me to wonder if I really am just twenty-seven years old, now.

My choice of music varies greatly– from Pop (with Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj as exemption), Alternative rock (Vertical Horizon, Nickleback and the rest in that genre), R&B (Usher, Mary J. Blige), Opera (Josh Groban, Luciano Pavarotti, Charlotte Church, etc) to the timeless Classics. But have to say, the last weighs and moves me more than the rest. Why? I for certain, would not know exactly why.

Maybe when you get goosebumps when you hear artists sung their piece as good as this,

and the feelings just remain that even after hearing, you found yourself humming to the tune, half- consciously envisioning how that artist did it, and in so doing you feel some heaviness or peace in your heart or you got taken to a certain period of your life (like when a certain guy who happened to live next door sung it to you on your 25th birthday and you just completely ignored him…OK, not really completely for you remember the song he sung) for having done such, maybe these, among others, are the reasons why particular songs became a significant part of our lives.

Or maybe because, you grew up listening to it since 1.) it’s a favorite of either Mom or Dad or 2.) it’s a favorite of both,

3.) it’s the song your brother would have his free time traded just to hear it

4.) or the other brother’s undying type of tunes.

Whatever reason you may have for loving a song, the emotional attachment that goes with it, is what makes it more delectable. Thus, instead of getting fed up by its continuous playbacks, you clamor to listen to it again and again. (Luckily, I know how to have my favorite Youtube videos repeat automatically at great ease! Thanks to my curiosity and Google, of course…) 🙂

I could name a dozen more tracks which I consider personal favorites and mostly they belong to the oldies. Whilst most people my age would go head rockin’ to the contemporary tunes, I otherwise find the greatest company in the remnants of the 70s and 80s music which I aptly consider the Golden Era of Music. For me Classics do more than just drive you head- rockin! It had a mysterious element in it which pierces you through; compel you to clamor for more. Ask those who profess their love to the genre and you’ll get varied astonishing responses.

So that’s it, who would think I am actually younger than my choice of music? If anyone here does, you’ve done one noble act. Thank you! It actually matter the least to me if get branded as old, outdated, boring, blah blah blah… And to those who pukes at the idea of getting stereotyped, well, sorry about that but me, I stand to defend the tenets I have of music . People like you and me get old, die and get forgotten but the music that captures my heart today will live on to do the same thing, somewhere some other time. That’s why they’re called immortal classics. They may get old but they don’t die. Immortality…

OK, ok I admit it, I’m a fan of the Bee Gees!!! :p

Just got lucky I found another one here:




4 thoughts on “Why My Choice of Music Suggests I Am Older Than My Age

  1. You are not alone on this. I’m a sucker for old music too. Oh just what good vibes I got from the Beegees tribute on American Idol yesterday, not to mention Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. ♥


    • Haha! That’s great! At least I know now someone out there feels as much adoration with classical music as I do. Oh, I missed watching the AI Finale yesterday. My bad! 😦


  2. All music has its strengths but old music has tested them and proved itself to be lasting – that’s why everyone, ultimately, begins to listen to older music. You are far from alone!


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