Probably, one important factor to consider when moving from one life’s chapter to another is the people you will be leaving behind. Hence, it was what I dread considering when I left my last job. The moment I decided to quit from that job, I had accepted the fact that I’ll be less and less visible to my friends, even to my best of friends.

I treasure every single soul that comes along my way, and I consider each either a friend or a challenge to my growth. Thus every person I came to befriend with, over these years, has its mark engraved within me which is unbounded by time nor the absence of it. No amount of absence can blow those prints away.


Is is always sad to realize and feel when your estranged friends had seemed to have moved on from that eventual separation. The truth rocks you to the core. Or was it my tear ducts getting a little more sensitive? Even the chaos of the neighboring house cannot take away the melancholy and stillness of the moment. I think, I mean I believe, I am missing people. Yeah, my heart says it misses them so badly.

Communicating online can certainly help, but not enough I guess. After every virtual communication–chatting in Facebook, Skype or Yahoo, or that simplest poke, like or comment given, you will then left to wonder afterwards. You realize later how it has been walking down memory lane with those familiar faces, laughing, crying, even fighting for each other’s belief—those faces, those culprits responsible for those marks which you yourself do not have the power to wipe out—the people of  your yesteryear. Consequently, you will then hope, hope of seeing them once again. To feel once more the real pat on the back or that light pinch on the nose, by a long-lost friend.

Somehow, maybe some other time, my friends and I will see again in person and we will talk face-to-face like we used to, whatever the constraints will be. And I’d like to think how that time is coming near.


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