My Thoughts on “The 20 Reasons I Dislike About the Philippines”

Beforehand, let me introduce to you Mr. Jimmy Sieczka, a working alien living in Cebu, Philippines for more than three years whose eventual rise to fame has earned him both critics and supporters alike. He became widely known here after having created and posted a video on Chanelfix (but has been taken down already) which enumerates his personal thoughts why he seem to dislike dear Philippines, particularly showing insights which seem to most like intentionally demeaning my province Cebu, and generally dragging the image of the country in general.

From giving that poor garbage can, Cialis, MILF, intensive-whitening creams and other beauty products (like it’s the only thing you see in the cosmetic sections of shopping malls), to beggars in the street, reckless drivers (as if vehicular accidents happen in Philippines alone), fighting cocks, the Mango Square being congested with non-English speaking Koreans, prostitutes and transvestite, beeping taxi cabs, noisy motorcycles, filthy comfort rooms, that seemingly perennial construction site, to incompetent security guards—a cameo role to making bugs and roaches the stars of this video, like it’s the only thing you see when you roam around the place. (Good thing they don’t come crawling under your bed at night).

Now, here’s my view on what he said:

*Cebuanos are not that ignorant as to the purpose of a garbage can. C’mon, we all know it cannot be used as a substitute for cover to a gigantic hole in the street nor do we tolerate that practice. There maybe several cases wherein you see things being used which defies its main purpose but Mr. Sieczka, living in a third-world nation, there are privileges that Filipinos may not be able to enjoy or may take a considerable time and effort before being granted the right to descent use, like also in the case of comfort rooms. Yes, part of the problem lies in our incompetent political system. That’s an awful truth.

*Cialis vendors are not only selling Cialis but other stuffs as well. You may want to check it out yourself. I’m one with you in saying that it sucks, especially that others are too persuasive in trying to lure you into buying their products when obviously you are the least person in the world who would try something as disgusting as performance-enhancer supplements. Sellers has been too persuasive to the extent of allowing them to actually touch you. But really, why did you allow that vendor to touch you? You could have said no and ignored him (like he never existed). Or you could have punched him in the face if you want. Nah, just kidding.

*With the MILF, the government is doing what it can to stop these terrorists from making damages and although their goals may be directed to the whole nation, their presence (which are less evident in areas other than some parts of Mindanao) do not pose a critical danger to our daily lives at present, or we could be overly paranoid walking in the streets of Mango Ave. or Colon if they did.

*Non- English speaking Koreans  swarming Cebu which made you pissed. And correction, we care about them. Filipinos do care about every single foreigner who came to visit or wants to live in the country. Directly or indirectly, these people, and I’m counting you in, help our economy so that in time, with good governance we could lift dear Philippines from being a third-world nation to something greater in the eyes of the world. So we will not be hearing erring visitors disliking, mocking, reviewing our country like it’s the most unlivable country in the world.

*Taxi cabs are all over the place. And they are either occupied or vacant. Don’t get baffled why taxi drivers beep from time to time, they only were trying to tell commuters one thing: it’s unoccupied just in case you may want a ride. Or because you are a foreigner and because we are naturally more friendly to visitors, they want to offer you a gesture of respect, to someone whom they think is intelligent enough to figure out such an act…and wait, can’t you see that they’re smiling? Can’t you see that the security guards you were showing were all smiles to you as well?

*Construction sites sprouting like mushrooms are everywhere. To us, that’s a sight to see as it means one thing, a booming economy. More new infrastructures constructed means more investors coming in. Good for the economy, good for the people. Obviously, the ones you’ve shown doesn’t look perfectly safe but these constructions you saw helped a lot of Filipino fathers secure their families enough food on their plate. Not just for tonight.

To our beloved visitor, Mr. Sieczka:

You act like the Jack-of-all-trades in this video, when in fact, you only had a glimpse of what and how it is to be a Filipino living in a third-world nation like the Philippines. Try going around the 7000+ islands and maybe you’ll have the birds-eye view after.

You talk badly and made a horrendous generalization about a foreign land who had done nothing wrong but be as hospitable and friendly to a visiting/ working alien like you. Worse, you disrespected a nation whose value for respect is everything.

“He was only stating facts—very obvious facts”, some would say. “What he did was an eye opener, not only to Cebuanos, but to the entire Philippine citizenry”. Well then, perhaps. He did state “some” facts. Others would say to just take it constructively just exactly what the government officials are doing.

Jimmy, sorry if we became too carried away with our emotions, dude. Bad thing you chose to malign the onion-skinned citizenry of this bug-infested nation.

Definitely, it would be total bias to compare Philippines to America when it comes to amenities and services. That in itself, he should have had considered. I’m not making an excuse for our shortcomings as a nation. I am instead just stating a fact that might help our visitors widen their views about other nation, about other cultures. And while the government spend millions of pesos to attract foreign visitors, there you are lambasting the image of our nation, putting what we hoped for to waste.

Perhaps Philippines, as others would want to portray, is still a struggling nation. But good thing about Filipinos is that we never gave up, nor do we lose hope. Even if others would shout to the whole world about disliking Philippines, we will outroar that noise because we don’t have twenty, but seven thousand one hundred seven reasons why we love Philippines, and we are still counting.

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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on “The 20 Reasons I Dislike About the Philippines”

  1. I absolutely agree, Ken. We all are entitled to our own opinion but our freedom to say whatever we want does not mean we have the right to disrespect others. Majority of Filipinos took that satire constructively, which is actually a noble act to do after Mr. Sieczka lambasted the honor of the country, but I don’t think he knew really well, much less understand the plight of the people living in a developing country, like ours.

    He was no doubt just stating some facts. Yes, that’s true. But he only showed the half side of the coin. He was plainly mocking (by using foul language), as I don’t remember him giving out suggestions for improvement whatsoever. Okay, I’m not expecting him to do that either.

    Well, anyway, you don’t need to apologize because he already did. And thanks for saying that we Filipinos are one of the most beautiful people in this world. So nice of you to say that. Maybe what Mr. Sieczka can do to empathize is spent some more years here, not just confine himself to the four corners of his condominium but really make way to know the people… He might get surprised.

    I know he was terribly sorry after having created the video. But the damage has been done. Authorities did speak out their views and as of this moment, Mr. Sieczka is still a welcomed visitor. We can do nothing about him, or maybe have preferred not to do anything, but we can do something about his claims… Good thing that Filipinos are easy to forgive.

    Glad to see you around Ken! 🙂


  2. I don’t know where he came from but can I apologise on his behalf (not that he deserves it probably). You have been insulted and I don’t blame you. I don’t know much about the Philippines other than to say you are some of the most beautiful people in the world. I do know what it is like to live in a developing country and know that western people instinctively like to criticise instead of actually finding out what life is really like.

    No nation deserves criticism unless you have trodden the same road for many a year – not looked at it on high from a distance. Mr Sieczka has done nothing to promote friendship or understanding and for this I apologise. Anyone with half a brain should know better.

    Ken x


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