My Sickening Visitor Just Paid A Visit

“Oh my, see how time flies! Gee, I almost forgot it’s already the much anticipated December… my December.” If not for the snowflakes I saw when I open my WordPress site, I bet I’ ll be lure to think I’ve just had an awful taste of the yearly agonizing cold and flu season I’ve been enduring since time immemorial… Ahchoo!

Since late November, I’ve been doing the best I could to boost my immune system while on the onset of the cold season. That in case, anticipating the worst, flu becomes a grueling fad in the coming days. Something I greatly feared I might have to fight against with (knowing how easily my body succumb to diseases).

Just too bad I had to face my fear sooner.

Runny nose, teary eyes, headache, body aches, what more should I fear of being contracted with? Duh, there are lots actually, but right at this moment when my senses tend to do little help in making me feel just a little better, it seems the whole pathological dilemma is upon me. Among all visitors I had this year, this one I hate the most. Sneeze!!!

Well then knowing it’s December- the last month of the year, nevertheless made me feel a bit relieved as I looked forward to the new year with hopefully new endurance and vigor enough to keep my mind and spirit awake…


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