Dissecting My Facebook Friend Requests

Currently, after a tedious manual counting of my Facebook friends, I listed 163 out of the 298 I have as my personal friends- people whom I knew of personally. The rest, although were people I only came to befriend through the net, are as much significant as the first criteria, so to speak.

As one may have observed, I am not the type of person who seems to collect bunch of friends to fill my friend’s list. I do not accept friend requests impromptu either. Either these requests are accepted or ignored but surely, whichever I decide on, I make sure I researched a bit of the person requesting. My decision to accept friend requests is mainly based on compatibility with interests.

Though I felt bad for having ignored these requests, I just cannot accept them. I'm deeply sorry.

Whenever I do the weighing, one thing that comes my mind is the possibility of me having to post views and ideas (in my case are mostly religious), which may either please or offend the one doing the request. And though I believe in this sphere, just as in the real world disagreement is something I cannot get rid of, I, as part of keeping myself away from possible misunderstanding or any argument that may arouse due to conflicting views, choose carefully which requests to accept.  It’s not that I am scared of defending my beliefs. I just feel my Facebook daily experience would be better off if I wouldn’t have to worry to cause any differences or worst destroy a bond of friendship unconsciously.

One more thing that I significantly consider is the level of maturity of the person requesting. Usually this holds true to those I do not know of personally. As the first step I normally do to ensure myself of the person’s maturity, I explore her page- her info page where he/she normally states a brief summary of himself/herself, what particular pages he/she likes, movies, books, even athletes and most importantly religious views. Then I delve deeper by scanning for the person’s previous posts, comments, photos, photo tags or whatsoever that may suggest her identity, that is if her/his wall isn’t restricted. If for some reason, I found something that may indicate a future possible clash, I denied the request. And I tell you it is never easy to do the thrashing.

Now for those whose friends amounted to a thousand, I have nothing against it. Anyways, anyone is free to do whatever he pleases as the responsibility of maintaining his page is solely his/her own. Likewise, to those Page Admins who normally are bombarded with numerous friend requests, I can assure that I respect you for those names you have in your friend’s list. Hence, to those Admins who have accepted my request, here’s my warmest gratitude for such a noble act. Thank you!

Personally, I believe, it is not about how much friends I have in life, or whether they are people I knew of personally or they are people I came to know over the net. It doesn’t matter either if they don’t constantly keep my wall flooded with hellos or how are yous, so long as I feel their sincerity when it comes to keeping the friendship alive whichever way the person deemed it would be fruitful.


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