My Montfortian Experience Part I

A lot of people wonder why I keep on mentioning them in my posts either in Facebook or in my other blogs. Even my close friends asked me what’s the big deal in associating myself with these people. Somehow they find it hard to understand why. Hence, they will never know unless I’ll trade places with them. But that wouldn’t be possible.

The Montfort Missionaries

It was in July of 2009 when I first meet the Montfort Missionaries. Along with their local superior Fr. Norwyn Baydo were the Montfort brothers: Arnel, Rey and Rene. With a little introduction of themselves and of the purpose why the Mission is to be done, they left our place as strangers whose hope is to come back in a month’s time to officially start the mission. That was my vague recollection of our first meeting.

Exactly after one month, they came back ready to expedite the activities they ought to do to help awaken, if not strengthen the seemingly lost spirituality of the people in our area, and that includes me.

Prior to the coming of the Montfort Missionaries in our area, I had struggled spiritually which made me succumbed to great emotional stress. What else would one expect if you live for more than ten years not receiving some of the sacraments bestowed upon us Catholics? Almost always whenever I happened to attend mass, I cried in the middle of the priest’s homily and even when I heard Gospel songs being sung. It was like my heart was being crushed. The pain was just so overpowering that for most of the times until during my sleep I struggled to keep my tears from falling. I shed for so many nights during those times. And with the personal problems I brought with me everyday, everything seemed like a battle to win over everyday, in a span of ten years.

Deep inside I know I longed for a reconciliation. My soul clamored so badly to reunite myself with God. Yet, even with the constant begging of my mother who is a Legionary to renew myself, I declined. It was not because I did not want to but more because I feared being reprimanded by the priest. I failed to conquer it and so I went on and on, but incomplete.

The presence of the Montfort Missionaries facilitated everything for my renewal. It was a wonderful process where I took the first step of being a hermit in my own way, to a global person, though in a lesser scope. The process of learning happened one step at a time, with me witnessing at firsthand the extraordinary and unconditional love God has for me no matter how sinful I may have become over the years. And it was them, the Montfort Missionaries, the one sent by God to rescue me from the pit of darkness where I stayed for a long time. It was through them that I saw and felt God’s overwhelming presence in my life. They opened not just my eyes but also the doors of my heart to the vast and wonderful world where God truly lives and reigns.

Looking back at my past, over a year ago, I still feel a pinch of pain. Somehow it saddened me still to think how I wasted my life during those times. How I managed to live like I did not exist at all. But more than the regrets I had, is the feeling of deep gratitude for the opportunity the Lord bestowed upon me when He sent my earth angels to my life. When I met them they were only four, but now that I am continuing my journey with them, the family just grew in numbers. And I am eternally grateful for that.


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