Anticipating Christmas

With only a few more days to go, at exactly a hundred days left before the most anticipated celebration, people go gaga over a lot of matters concerning this Yuletide season, be it early Christmas shopping of presents so as to avoid the Christmas rush or getting the old decors ready for the yearly house transformation, one sure mood is prevalent- excitement at the forthcoming season.


Santa Claus with a little girl
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I can’t describe the excitement more appropriately than how it tickles my heart and my fancy imagination as well, the feeling of having to welcome once again the “most wonderful time of the year”, as Andy Williams puts it in tune. Truly one timely moment to share ourselves to people either through material sharing or giving a part of our time to those dear to us, but more probably to those people whose perception of Christmas is no more than the ordinary days of the year. As it is important to take time to be with our beloveds during this season, it is likewise important and fulfilling on our part to let other people partake what Christmas truly means to most of us- a celebration of the birth of the Messiah, a day to commemorate the love God has for all of us when He gave us Jesus on that night in Bethlehem, and to share that love to those we call our earthly brethren. And we ought to do that indiscriminately, even and most especially to those whom the society regards as the least, the forsaken and the lost.

When you are currently employed, one thing, if not the most important aspect of Christmas that one anticipates is the giving of bonuses and 13 month pays. So if companies would comply to the needed and appropriate distribution at the right moment in time, which for most should and must fall days before the Christmas holiday, every employee would be all smiles and you can tell it by sensing their aura. Glad, I’m quite good at that. However, I do hope that apart from making our families happy by loading them with presents, one should also look at it as a rare opportunity when we can share our blessings to others without having to worry about being misunderstood for our motives.

What little we share to others when it comes from the heart would mean more than all the riches and earthly possessions we could possibly gain in our lifetime, because the joy that we give when we selflessly give of ourselves, our small graces and our precious time, is eternal. The fulfillment lasts till our memory lasts.  That’s a given.

This one big opportunity that this season entails is the chance of having to impart what we have to others, even with the littlest we have.

Last year, as I recall, we celebrated Christmas for the first time ever with our neighbors. It was a time when I fully adjusted to the idea of being in one with my community, at least with the immediate ones. At first when Mother opened to us the idea, it was repelled by the majority in the family since as most people would know, we are private people. Yeah, we were not used to being around with different people. We were instead more at ease staying in the four corners of our house than strolling around the neighborhood. We were shy types, always have been since we were young. And though having gone to school had helped a little in overcoming our shyness, it did not completely erased it. But what we did last Christmas was a bit of improvement. We have yet to decide if we will be doing the same this year but one thing is for sure, the things that we have long been doing like giving some bundle of joys and used things to our needy neighbors will continue. At least, with the little we have, we can extend momentarily the joy and the little graces we have to others.

So many things to look forward to as Christmas approaches, and one of it is the opportunity of sharing not just goods but of joys as well.

Let me extend my early greetings to you all! Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂


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