Polar Bear Swims For 9 Days Before Finding Ice posted by: Beth Buczynski

Polar Bear Swims For 9 Days Before Finding Ice posted by: Beth Buczynski.

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. 

~Albert Schweitzer

I first watched this in January being featured in the headline of a local TV station here in the country. Eight months passed and here I am still equally distraught realizing the horrific plight of the mother polar bear (Ursus Maritimus) whose only goal is to find a place where she could continue to live after losing her yearling cubs to exhaustion and deadly freezing temperatures (2-6 degree C).

This amazing aquatic feat of a polar bear to have been officially recorded by the US Geological Survey was the first ever journey they have followed and took evidence of. Quite an exemplary achievement for the family of  this bear to have made such feat by swimming continuously under the cold water for 232 hours and covering 687 km, since polar bears are known to stay primarily on sea ice and isolated ice floes relying on it as their hunting ground for food. And although they have been observed to have stayed more frequently nowadays  in open sea, still the risk of having these bears becomes greater and more dangerous for them and for their cubs.

This dependency on sea ice potentially makes polar bears one of the most at-risk large mammals to climate change,” says research zoologist Mr. George M. Durner.

File:Polar bear arctic.JPG
Photo: wikipedia.org

The continuous melting of sea ice in the polar region have been largely attributed to the sudden increase of the Earth’s temperature, a potential risk that put so much hazard to the habitat of the creatures living and relying on the polar area for food and survival. However not only will this climate change be a matter of animal survival issue for if this melting trend will continue, even us humans will have to face the consequences of surmounting extreme weather phenomena in order to survive, something that we already had a bitter taste of.

Now, I am left to wonder, can we still do something to delay, if not to completely dispose the idea of our planet’s destruction because of this changes in our environment? Or is it already  too late to make a stand so we might not have to see ourselves swimming from land to land to look for new places to settle, live, and breed?

Seeing even just the picture of the polar bear struggles in order to survive tears my heart out. I cannot help but put myself in her shoes because apparently after all the tremendous devastating phenomenon we experience nowadays, it is not far a possibility that we might have to swim ourselves the uncharted waters in order to survive.

At least for now, I spare myself from the horrible sight, but for how long?


One thought on “Polar Bear Swims For 9 Days Before Finding Ice posted by: Beth Buczynski

  1. @Mario: I really appreciate that you take time to read my blog. I was in awe myself of what I came to know about the bear’s journey. It devastates me to think of her horrible plight and of the many possibilities that she was not the only one who went through or is going through such predicament at this moment. There could be a lot more species out there and only a few of us really took the effort to help them…


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