Feminine Dressing: One Thing I Used To Reckon With

Since I was young, I often teased Mother about how she appeared to be sexier than me when she was my age. And just by seeing the old photos she had way back in her adolescent years (below), I can prove that she actually was.

Mother's family picture

Unlike my mother, I never got used to wearing skirts and dresses. On the other hand, I preferred to dress casually in jeans or shorts but mostly, I go for my favorite couple- jeans topped with shirt. It is funny to think however how they got me to agree dressing up in the special occasions I had in school, the very rare and absolutely awkward moments I had to endure. Well I guess if not for some additional merits my teachers vowed to give to the participants, I would have preferred to be shot  by the firing squad than acquiesce to my teacher’s persistent demands. lol!

As time went by, till the time I graduated college and got a job, the thought of dressing up in very feminine dresses was still an agony I needed to come to terms with. But thankfully having superkikay sisters- in- law slowly changes my perception about feminine dressing. Right now, I still do not wear dresses or skirts on a regular day basis, but when the time calls for it I can now manage to strut in front of the crowd not with the usual feeling I used to had, but with ease and comfort knowing that I am now a grown- up woman.

My mother

I know I cannot equal my mother’s confidence in carrying herself in women’s clothing but at least I have tried and is continuously doing so. In time maybe I’ll learn the craft by heart and with great finesse’, I’ll be able to make it a habit to see myself wrapped in the most appropriate costumes only due for a woman, like that of mother.


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