The Little Flower: St. Therese of Lisieux

I was once surfing through the net looking for more sensible topics to read, just so to escape from such boredom I felt at that moment.

It took me quite awhile before I settled my attention on one site, searching for one particular topic, which was religious songs. I browsed and browsed; took a little look at some that interested me while hitting the close button for those that failed my enthusiasm for a nicer read. I was perhaps looking for an eye candy. And then, my hand took me on a particular video which pictures seemed familiar.  Because not so long ago, I came to watch a trailer of  the movie where the music video was being honored upon, the story of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Honestly, I have little idea of  St. Therese. I only came to know her by name through my Facebook friends who are devotees of the saint. All I knew was that she is a saint, and as such, she is worthy to be venerated upon and her virtues emulated. No more, no less than that. Just like most of the saints, I thought. But I was wrong.

Finding this video online entailed a sense of purpose and desire on my part to better know St. Therese, not just as a saint but as a human being, a french Carmelite nun at that, who once paved the way for goodness and love to radiate, even in the littlest of ways. 

St. Therese of Lisieux

What I loved of her is the fact that she did not do great things like most martyrs, but did her little acts of love genuinely; just little things that will do wonders in the eyes of God. St. Therese wanted to go to heaven through her entirely new little way, the elevator that would raise herself to Jesus.  “The elevator”, she wrote, would be the arms of Jesus lifting her in all her littleness.

Somehow my spirit was lifted to a new height while I was reflecting upon what I came to know about her. I was deeply moved by the realization that you don’t need to do great things in order to honor God because even our little acts, when done genuinely and selflessly, will surely gain merit in heaven. Yes, I did know about these, but sometimes I need to be reminded that I am just struggling human— living in a contemporary era, and I don’t have to suffer and be persecuted like the early martyrs of the church who went through tremendous inhumane persecution, just so I could gain a part of the kingdom of God after my earthly life. I can do things that are possible for me to attain and most of the times I don’t need to exert the greatest effort or allot the biggest part of my time for it to be accomplished. I only need to do it as pure and as genuine as possible. Out of Love. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible if I’ll rely on my human capabilities alone. Hence, I have to persistently ask for God’s grace to let me do what I intend to do, as unblemished an intent as St. Therese’.

She surely made a way inside of me and I am bound to praise her for that. I loved her because she is an epitome of what simplicity in action (selfless act) can do to transform the world around her. Along with St. John of the Cross and  St. Louis- Marie de Montfort, she is one of the saints who I have special devotion to.

Here’s the video I’ve been talking about. It’s entitled,

and the lyrics of the song is as follows.

You may want to close your eyes and just listen to its beautiful melody. Deo Gratias!

You Fill My Heart (Prayer of St Therese of the Child Jesus)
Music by Fr Arnel Aquino, SJ and Lyrics by Fr Johnny Go, SJ.

You fill my heart full with sighs, Breathless they dance in the sky.
  And when You whisper Your sad lullaby, Tears fill my eyes.
You fill my night full with stars, Restless my soul seeks Your eyes.
  Soon as it shimmers, Your smile in the night, Dreams fall into flight.
I long to be Your child, Your song to fill this dark night,
  Light for the lost in this lonely exile. I need to hear Your word,
  To be near You in this scarred world
  One little sound is a song if it soars in Your heart.
I'll fill your world full with love, Roses shall rain from the skies.
  And as they scatter, gather the flowers He shall reign in our lives.
As long as you're His child, His song shall fill your dark night,
  Light when you're lost in this lonely exile. We need to hear His Word.
  Would you bleed to heal His scarred world?
  Your little thorn is a rose if it grows in His heart..
As long as you believe, Roses shall rain from the skies...



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