The Young Warriors of My Generation Stood for Life!

Youth movement conducts chastity forums.

When most people in the country are for the passing of the said bill, here are the young warriors of this generation who have made the right stance. When most of those whom we, the youth looked up to and whom we first believed would help us grow to become better citizens of this country and of the world have preferred to keep side with their own selfish desires, give in to the pressures of the prying demons whose only after for their self- interest, like this revered group of young people, there will always be those who will stand up for righteousness; ready to defend the cause and to fight for the advocacy of upholding the dignity and sanctity of human life at all cost.

Even if we’re outnumbered by the pros, we will still shout at the top of our lungs so you (mature and responsible?) people could hear it. Even if we will be persecuted for believing differently apart from what you believed in, we will endure, we will pursue, we will never stop at being the conscience who will draw you out of your seemingly forgotten humanity.

The heraldic echo will soon reach even the remotest corners and bang the clogged ears of those who denied to listen; the light will shine to those who has been encapsulated in the pit of earthly darkness.


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