The Pope And The Royal Couple

It’s quite evident these days which current event gathers the most audience and attention from around the world- the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this 29th of April at Westminster Abbey and the Beatification of the well- loved Pope John Paul II come May 1st at the Vatican.

From the Philippines, United Kingdom is 10750 kilometers (6680 miles) away while 10390 kilometers (6456 miles)  from Vatican City. Quite far isn’t it? Yet, every little detail about the upcoming event whichever angle the reporter may find worth telling especially that of the Royal Wedding raves airtime space to a great lot. So I guess, the Filipino people do care about true to life fairy tales.

While a number of local news made it to the headlines of various newspapers and tabloids, still one cannot get away with the excitement in being able to witness, first- hand or not, this another history which is about to unfold in a few days time. Even though Philippines will not be affected directly by whatever outcome these international events may have, the fact that this is one history in the making makes it one big attention- catcher for the contemporary Filipinos. And with the ongoing coverages done by the biggest media network in the country here, I am left to wonder, which was given more attention by the media- the Fairy- tale wedding of the Royal couple or the Beatification of one of the most popular and well- loved Pope/ Spiritual leader of this time?

There is however, a continuing snapshots of the two events covered by each network’s credible broadcasters. But, sad to observe after a week-long  romance I had with my TV, after spending hours searching for new trend in Philippine’s Media arena, that  Pope John Paul’s beatification is only second to the Royal wedding.

Photo credit: Mario Testino

If I were a non- catholic, it wouldn’t be a big deal for me but sadly I am, so that makes me a bit sadder. Furthermore, it makes me saddest knowing that I live in a country in which Catholicism is the major religion of the people and yet it seems it’s the least people (some Catholics) could care about of.

I have nothing against William and Kate’s awaited wedding, which is dubbed as the “Royal Wedding of the Century” because it is an important event to behold. I never got the chance to witness Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981 because apparently I was not yet born at that time. So now that I have this chance in my lifetime, would I be so silly to just let it go? Certainly not. If this event draws much attention from the Filipino people, how much more with the English? the British? And if for them, this is a significant moment in their history (a moment that will one day be a part of our past), likewise it is important for the rest of the world, for it is our past that molds our tomorrow.

While I anticipated to witness the tying of  knot of the royalties, I am more excited to see the beatification of the lovely Pope John Paul II- another royalty in His own way- a true to life fairy- tale hero of many people. Gosh, if only I could be there in Vatican in flesh. Well, anyway I’ll just have to be content with watching it on TV, hoping that the media will deliver what they claimed for- a comprehensive and exclusive coverage of one of the biggest events in our Church’s history. I’ll be forever grateful I have the opportunity to witness, even on TV only the beatification of the late Pope because I am a catholic. Thus, even if the media will care less of the event, I’ll still be finding ways to take a little grasp of the event whichever way I can.

Pope John Paul II

The Beatification of Pope John Paul II will take precedence of the Royal Wedding, hence I am slightly appeased why the media gave the latter more attention and airtime. However, I just wonder, would they also give this kind of attention to the Pope’s beatification if it happen earlier than the Royal wedding?

Just thinking out loud. 🙂


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