When The Inevitable Happens

A child is a precious gift- ought to be given life but most importantly, to be loved by all means. And this is exactly how my sis- in- law believed her pregnancy came into being after all the physical and emotional struggle she and my Kuya (older brother) had to overcome just for her pregnancy to be possible.

my sister- in- law...

If I remember the date right. It was in 2009 that Myra fought for her cervical cyst which somehow made her gave up the idea of having a baby. However, thanks to the medication she was constantly taking and the prayers they both clung into, for after a year , the cyst was finally gone. Her pregnancy was an answered prayer to the couple and apparently to us all whose only wish is for them to grow old happily with a bunch of kids to care of and consequently to take care of them when they get old.

Me, I have always loved babies, since when we were growing up we never get to experience having a little angel around us.

A baby’s’ presence in our home had proved to us more than just having an addition to the family but more as a blessing which we, as a family was just too blessed to have been given the chance to experience. How could I ever forget our first encounter, I mean experience of having a little angel in the house; it was when my first- ever nephew Xian was born (our youngest brother’s son). And it was something I could never trade for anything in this world. I hold so dearly the moment when I first held my nephew in my arms after her mother gave birth to him. It was like seeing in reality a little angel cuddling helplessly, so serene to look at and adored. And now witnessing his transformation at all aspects of his being (physical, emotional and intellectual), made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of my nephew’s childhood life. I admit sometimes I tend to become over-possessive of my little angel not because I just want for him to spend his time with me, but more because I wanted to direct him to the path where I believe will lead him to become  a better citizen of this country in the time to come. And since my brother and my sister-in law are usually not around because of their work, I am just so glad to substitute as his guardian.

If the Lord permits that our second angel be born this week, either by normal delivery aided by labor induction (just in case her blood pressure would not stabilize in the following hours) or through Cesarean section, well, in whatever way that both of Myra’s and my nephew’s life be spared from danger, may God hold them both and protect them. And though I know this moment is inevitable and cannot be prevented as we have been anticipating for this one big event in our family’s life to occur, I still cannot keep myself from worrying for my Kuya’s growing family. As the inevitable time of delivery approaches, so does my anxiety became inconcealable.

So for those who think of conception somewhat a sickness, ought to be prevented rather than a blessing and a gift, please be enlightened. Not everyone are blessed to have the opportunity of being able to bear a child. Thus, let us give every child the chance to live as we were once given the same innate right by our mothers and parents before.

If I feel so deeply moved by every instance I’m blessed to partake from my nephew’s life- the life of someone whom I did not conceive in my own womb, how could other mothers afford to lose the chance of being able to nourish life in their own, with their own flesh and blood?

P.S. I’ll be asking for everyone’s prayer for a safe and normal delivery, if possible for my sis- in- law Myra. Thank you in advance… 🙂


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