A Boy’s Battle Against Hyperplasia

Everyone in the community had been convinced since the moment Llyod started to talk that there was something wrong in my nephew’s health.

A frail skinny boy at nine with seemingly unquenchable thirst especially for sodas, juices and sweets (even sugar), made me personally believe this unusual manifestation could never be considered normal i.e. these manifestations of Lloyd might be symptoms of a disorder my cousins have had denied for so long. Hence, what his parents had discovered after finally agreeing to seek medical advice for their son, the word normal may be underrated for what Lloyd has been bringing all along inside his fragile body, something even medical professionals in Cebu have rarely encountered.

The disorder is called hyperplasia of the tonsil, though I have yet to see personally how this little tissues almost blocking Lloyd’s tonsil looked like. I don’t know if I had the courage to do that either.


Hyperplasia  is a medical term used for the abnormal growth or proliferation of cells which are often non- cancerous (thanks God). Furthermore according to Wikipedia, hyperplasia (or “hypergenesis”) may result in the gross enlargement of an organ and the term is sometimes mixed with benign neoplasia/ benign tumor.

Hyperplasia is a common preneoplastic response to stimulus. Microscopically cells resemble normal cells but are increased in numbers. Sometimes cells may be also increased in size (hypertrofia). Hyperplasia is different from hypertrophy in that the adaptive cell change in hypertrophy is an increase in cell size, whereas hyperplasia involves an increase in the number of cells like in Lloyd’s case. In addition to the little research I’ve done, I have observed that hyperplasia in the tonsil may not be that common compared to the other types of hyperplasia because most of the sites did not list hyperplasia of the tonsil as its common type (or at least as its type).

Two weeks ago Lloyd’s tonsillectomy proved successful but there are still a lot of examinations and check- ups to go prior to his operation. Personally, I was not so close to my second degree cousins but I do feel about what they feel as parents to Lloyd. I hope God would be more generous to them to provide them what they need at this moment- financially, emotionally and spiritually so that what we all had hoped for will in time be realized.


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