Gloomy as the Weather

Laetare Sunday. Rejoice Jerusalem! The fourth Sunday of Lent. Yet, here I am feeling groggy and exhausted due to almost a week-long fever. Honestly, I got no time to rejoice for I am left with many things to attend to.

Nineteen days to go. Still, I have yet to start the necessary preparation for the upcoming Good Friday’s Live Via Crucis. Three stations to man; yet unable to finalize the required manpower, where and how to get the resources. All I have is the idea how it should be done. But if this fever continue to weaken me, I don’t know how this idea could materialize with time running after us.

It’s kind of ironic how I felt so weak this past months for when compared to last year, we’ve had more physically- draining activities than this year, but never did I get sick or feel weak at that time. Somehow I felt I was always on the go. It was definitely one moment in my life where I felt I am in the best of my health, because in spite of the little sleep and rest I got, my body continued to function efficiently and effectively as I made things done at the right time. But how can my health be so fragile this year? Where’s the adrenaline rush?

Like the gloomy weather of today, I am dispirited. Quite lonely and sad. Unable to do the things I am entrusted to accomplish.

All I want is to continue what I have started. I want to lend a hand to those who are in need of my help during this  Lenten season. Not only because I and the rest of the BEC members have been tasked to do this, but also because we believe this little effort, this humble activity that we ought to continue will bear fruits in the days or even years ahead.

It’s for His glory and not for us. Me and the rest of the participating groups are here not to gain honor for what we do but to offer a little of what we are capable of doing.


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