Forbearing the Enemy

It has been a roller coaster ride since our last Totus Tuus session and while the consecration approaches, I have come  face to face with what I’ve been fearing all along.

Sis. Edith, one of the TTJ (Totus Tuus Journey) speakers, forewarned us to anticipate the worse, to keep our guard as we are fighting against unknown forces and these forces will do anything in its power to hamper the kind of growth that we need in order for us to deepen and strengthen our faith as Christian Catholics. And though I know there’s truth to it to some extent, I gave it little attention much less took it seriously for I believe the cunning enemy has been here all along as we journey with Mama Mary in these sessions, which took us eight months to complete. Unable to foresee the gravity of what the evil is capable to do, we took individual turns battling the foe just so we could pursue what we aim for, the reason why we’ve endured the months of attending the sessions. While the war endures, the evil slowly yet progressively made its way to delay, if not prevent us all from having our Montfortian consecration come Friday 25th.  I used to believe that after we finished the sessions, no one and nothing could ever prevent us from becoming the newly consecrated souls devoted to live, stand and be witnesses of God’s overflowing love to other people, hoping to radiate Jesus and be like Christ himself in everything we do. Yet now, I am like being punch in my face realizing the things that had happened this month. From seven, I feared only half of us we’ll be able to go through. I want to help more, but this is all what I can do.

Lord Jesus Christ, it’s up to you to make the way for the rest of my batch mates to finish what we’ve all started. Into your hands, I lift to you the trials that we go through Lord, especially what we’re going at this trying moment. Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.



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