Just A Speck Of Hope Amidst This Terrible Hopelessness

Here goes my hope going back to normal, again.

Yesterday, after being denied of an earning opportunity, I was terribly upset at how stupid I was to have committed such silly violations which were all unintentional. All I was thinking the whole night was how I could ever get back that lost chance knowing how badly I needed it at this moment in my life.

Once, I said that my reason for blogging primarily (which for me is still the primary reason) is just to write my story- my life, my dreams, ambitions, experiences in the past, and the like. Honestly before, I gave little attention to the idea that blogging could actually generate a decent and honest income, which is now something I’ve looked forward and considered aiming, after realizing the importance of having to make a better income for my family. So, I’d be honest to say that, yes, I do hope for my future blogs to aid me in my goal of giving a much better life for my parents, since they’re the reason (after both of my brothers started to make a life of their own with their respective families), why I have to break my back just to increase my earnings. Though I am only a newbie when it comes to writing, and blogging for that matter, my little knowledge of this art is something that won’t keep me from aiming for my end.

And while to some extent, money play a considerable role why I am here painstakingly hoping to attain an end, I do not take away the fact that  writing has been quite therapeutic  for me.

Perfection can only be attained through continuous practice, that is why I am starting it right now; hoping that as the time flies, so will my learning be.


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