Let’s have this short and straight, no beating around the bush; let’s cut to the chase, once and for all.

This blog, as you can perceive, is my blog. Not yours, but mine. My world. Everything you read here– the stories, since I am fondest at telling them; views which can sometimes be more serious than usual; opinions either in effect of some outdated or relevant issues which I intend to tackle; and all the nonsense that you happen to come across here whether accidentally or intentionally are the bi-products of the two closely coordinated yet equally dominating part of me: the mind and the heart.

Meanwhile since the two important parts of the author’s physiology being mentioned above can be severely affected by new or even recurring elements of the past and of the contemporary times or even by a sudden excruciating pain the author feels in her bum at the time being, thereby distracting, manipulating, motivating and affecting the author in any way to change, alter and abandon the views, opinions and principles previously being fought out, it is of the author’s utmost right to be granted such privilege to do so in ways that the author’s integrity will still be preserved and safeguarded, by all cost and means.


By the way, my name is Maricel. I was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. Most of the times I write about serious topics (oh no, I assure you I am no bore), ranging from politics, current events to religious issues and some personal undertakings I find essential to facilitate my growth as a global citizen/ netizen . However, it does not necessarily mean that I am a drop-dead serious person. In fact, I am the opposite. (I know, it’s just not so obvious here). Crack up a joke, and you’ll have me giggling over it for hours (exaggeration intended). Show me anything depressing and leave me despondent. I have issues on bouncing back. Letting go is not my forte’. I don’t think I can be emotionally and psychologically ready for any goodbye. That is why I am as scared to it as I am to worms (what’s wrong with the comparison? You have any problem with that? Good!). I have so many dreams in life–dreams which I aspire to affect changes in the world I live. Even with the many deprivations I have in life, I still feel wholeheartedly blessed of what little I have–having one pair of shoes for instance is more satisfying to me than jumping on a chance to tour the world (although traveling is one thing close to my heart)… At least I have one; some people don’t have any. I never get hyped up accumulating wealth than what I only need. Judge me for being mediocre, I don’t care. Right now, as I have personally diagnosed myself for short-term memory loss, I tried to keep up with however I can preserve my brain reserves before all of these went to the recycle bin. Everything in my life mattered–you, them, that, me. And I so much thank you for passing by today at this crossroad.

This blog is a repository of my thoughts, the kind of which I wouldn’t have the nerve to verbalize. Talking is not my thing but listening is. I don’t talk a lot but I listen greatly. Apart from my personal experience in which I attributed why my humanity had come so sensitively awaken, I take listening as the accessory that aided me to become the person that I am, personally, emotionally and spiritually.

Yes, spiritually! Why not? As a Catholic, I believe in God and I try hard to follow the doctrines of the Church. I love my faith. I love it because it draws me closer to seeing, feeling and knowing God in the simplest of ways in the most ordinary of people and circumstances.

On July of 2009, a religious mission team of the Montfort Missionaries (Societas Mariae Montfortana) went to our place in the hope of reaching out those who have wandered away from the faith and thereby making the Word of God become known again to be lived and experienced in a more personal way by the people in the area. Never did I expected the kind of gravity their presence would be causing on me. A year later, I started attending Search-In Seminars in the convent of the Daughters of Wisdom (Montfort sisters) in Cebu with the help of the Montfort Mission Team.

Witnessing a group of people with varied cultural and racial backgrounds, uniting to commit themselves to one noble task which is to make the Word of God relevant to the lives of the people surrounding them, to me is overwhelming. The opportunity I had of knowing the sisters and of seeing the passion they have of what they do is so rare an opportunity. Sr. Helene’ Alec, the aristocratic French nun whose coffee cup print which says, “the only person you cannot afford to lie, is yourself” resonates with me to be always true to myself; Sr. Mary, the little Indian nun who I mistakenly thought of being younger than me; Sr. Evelyn Roxas, Sr. Malou and Sr. Lyn Halawig, the first nun who, if I remembered it right, I came to know personally, will always have a special place in my heart. I missed them all.

Once in my life, I aspired to become one of these people. I’ve envisioned myself of wearing a habit (though the Montfort sisters don’t) and do what these selfless people are doing. But it seems God has other purpose for my life. The process of discernment has not ended though. It will continue as I fervently listen carefully to the voice calling me amid the cacophony of surrounding noises and voices. Yet, once in my life, I also dreamed of becoming an astronaut, an archaeologist and a geologist and wishes of becoming a volunteer in an NGO, even if I am required to travel to Iraq or Afghanistan to lend a hand to anyone affected, I would not mind. So many dreams to fulfill for one lifetime alone. I really want to be of help to people. But sadly, I have health issues to deal with.

My two nephews, my two little angels...

My two nephews, my two little angels…

A Little Trivia:

Basangsisiw is a Filipino idiomatic expression (just in case you are wondering). Literally, it means “wet chick” (sopping wet) in English– an expression used to denote someone dejected and abandoned, who is left to fend for herself; someone who is in a pitiful and helpless situation (a very common human experience, I suppose).

I decided to use this idiom to remind myself that as a human, my life is apt to be tossed and turned sometimes to inconceivable extent where I may feel helpless and seemingly forsaken like a basangsisiw… but never hopeless. This basangsisiw will rant, whine, and at times grumble but let it be known, it is this young chicken’s desire to have her thoughts be heard, at least here.

I am, BasangsisiwAnd mind you, I am not a chick.


Don’t worry if your view would vary from mine or if your apparent exercise of your freedom of expression would met critical disapproval and violent reaction by me or anyone here. Do not stress yourself minding that your comment might inflict conflict, remember that I have sole discretion over my blogs, so rude, abusive and profane comments will go directly to the trash bin. So, if you can, please be polite and refine your comments.

The space for commenting has just been cleaned-up. Feel free to have it dirtied.

If in any way, you find anything helpful here that would facilitate learning in whichever way it may be showcased, please do come by more often! Thank you dearly for the visit, fellow! ;)

Because I promise to keep it short, I’ll stop right here. Or was I a liar? Ha!

11 thoughts on “About

    • kenthinksaloud,

      Thank you so much for enjoying my little world Sir. I did stroll by yours a while ago and can’t help but admire. BTW, it really means a lot to me that you have dropped by mine and more so because of your subscription. Thank you! Wishing you and your family well!

  1. Thank you for your interest in my blogs. Enjoyed reading your Basangsisiw narration. I admire the way you write and good luck with your religious work.

    • Thank you also for taking time to visit mine po. I did enjoy reading yours also– its’ very informative and relevant, to say the least. And thank you for the nice words, it surely means a lot if it comes from someone like you. Am just glad I found your site; thanks to Mr. Sieczka. His rise to fame isn’t that terrible afterall…Lol!

      Grace and Peace,

    • Same here, Mr. Triwoko. It’s always a pleasure to be able to read other people’s thoughts through their blogs. Just keep those posts coming! Thanks for dropping in also!

      Grace and Peace,

    • Great to have found you as well. I’ll surely be following your trails, iRuniBreathe! The background is actually the essay, The Paradox of our Age. I used it because it ultimately encapsulates everything that I’ve always wanted to tell to people, kinda like the synopsis of all my thoughts…:)


  2. Now this is what I call an ‘About’ page. Love reading this detailed about-page. I like your blog that I abruptly click on Follow This Blog. Good to follow your posts. Thanks.

    Best of Luck!


  3. It’s always a pleasure to have someone around to share my “little world” with, Abdul. And it’s an extra blessing to be followed by anyone, especially by fellow bloggers. Thank you kindly for the time and the follow! Have gone through yours and needless to say, you have a great blog. Keep it up!


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